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Frequently Asked Questions about HYIPs

What is "HYIP"?

HYIP (in English HYIP, an abbreviation for High Yield Investment Program) is a highly profitable investment program that generates capital from the cash deposits of ordinary Internet users. Currently, 99% of all HYIP projects are financial pyramids in which payments come from new deposits. Sooner or later, the inflow stops, and no matter how honestly the administration works, the ability to cover obligations disappears, while the last invested ones lose their money. Often in HYIP projects there is a so-called "legend" about making money on Forex, pamm accounts, options, sports betting and other things, remember that with rare exceptions, this is just a legend. HYIP does not earn anything, and therefore the income of some is always the loss of others, in other words, the money is simply redistributed.

What does the term "Scam" mean?

Scam (eng. Scam - fraud, scam) - termination of payments by a HYIP project for any reason. This may simply be a stoppage of payments with the subsequent removal of the site. Also, the project site itself can hang for a very long time after the termination of payments, collecting money from newcomers who accidentally come across it. You can read more about the causes and signs of scams in the "Articles" section of our website. 

What is "Restart"?

Restart is a concept closely related to scam, with the difference that the project worked honestly, payments were made as long as the project had the opportunity to cover them, then new deposits became insufficient to cover payments and the administration announced a restart of the project with zeroing all user accounts. The last invested during the restart, as well as during the scam, lose their funds. Restarts on our monitoring are not welcome and are quite rare when the administrator really showed a decent job with an adequate period for project marketing. But, the risks of participating in them are even higher than in working projects, remember this.

Is it really possible to make money on HYIPs?

It is real to make money in HYIPs, but not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance. You need to be able to choose projects correctly, not to throw all your money into one hype, no matter how great it works, not to invest large sums in an unknown project that has just launched, to be able to stop in time and not succumb to excitement. All this comes with experience, so beginners are advised to start exploring the world of HYIPs with completely symbolic contributions in order to get comfortable and understand what's what. Also, HYIPs should still be perceived not as the main source of income, but as an additional income or a game (like a Casino, with a high chance of winning with the right approach).

How long will a particular project last?

Sometimes even the administrator himself does not know the answer to this question. There are a lot of factors influencing the work of the project, and it is unrealistic to calculate and take into account all of them, anything can happen in a perfectly working project: from the banal greed of the administrator, to various technical problems, blocking wallets and hosting. Also, the inflow of new deposits may simply decrease for one reason or another, and, as we already know, in HYIP projects, payments are made precisely at the expense of these new deposits. So, "vanging" in HYIP projects is a thankless task, sooner or later the forecast will fail for reasons beyond the forecaster's control.

How to start working with a HYIP project?

As a rule, most HYIPs work with popular electronic payment systems, such as: Payeer, PerfectMoney, USDT trc-20, Tron and others. Registering a wallet in any of them will not be difficult and will not take much time - everything is intuitive and takes about 10 minutes at the most. There are also a lot of ways to replenish your electronic wallets.

What is the difference between payout types: "Manual", "Instant" and "Automatic"?

Manual payments mean that the HYIP administrator makes payments manually and it takes a certain time, as a rule, the procedure for receiving payments in the project from the moment it is ordered is 24 hours. Instant (from the English "instant" - instantly) means that the program (website script) processes the payout orders, and the money comes to your wallet immediately after the payout order. Automatic - this is when both the order of payments and payment are made automatically, there is no need to visit the HYIP website to order payments, the money will automatically be credited to the account in the payment system.

What does the "Status" of the HYIP on monitoring depend on?

PAYING - we received all payments on time, according to the conditions, and there are no complaints from investors. PS If the projects had a postscript like "we play with small amounts, we play with adequate amounts", or the amount up to which it is worth investing was clearly indicated, or the tariff plan for participation was clearly indicated, complaints from participants who did not pay attention to these postscripts and decided throw large or throw at a non-recommended rate in order to get a fatter percentage, do not affect the status of the project

NEW - the project has recently been added to the blog, and we have not yet received payments on the deposit from it. Referral payments are not an indicator, the project receives the "paying" status after the first payments on deposits

EXPECTATION - there are failures in the project operation (payment in processing at the declared instant; atypical delays in manual payments, but within the limits of the regulations; the site is not available; there are complaints) and we expect the current situation to be corrected; you should refrain from making deposits here before changing your status

PROBLEMS - there are delays in payments (within the regulations, but not typical for the normal operation of the project). Or a complaint was received from a referral, and this information has been verified and confirmed. Or is there a technical issue?


Why do many projects with high interest rates add the words “we play with small amounts”, “we play with adequate amounts”, “we play at the first rate” and the like?

Such postscripts on our monitoring are made in the description of all projects in which there is a high probability of blocking accounts with relatively large deposits. Usually these are fasts with a yield of 5 to 50% per day. In 99% of such projects, it is worth playing only with small deposits, everything that is larger, as a rule, is blocked and not paid out. Most people love just such HYIPs with a fat percentage, which is why they are taken for monitoring, and all we can do is warn you in advance about the danger of investing in thousands. This point is discussed in detail in the articles on our website. What amounts should be considered small and adequate in such projects? It's simple, if the amount is not clearly indicated, in case of registration "we play in small amounts" we go strictly up to 500 rubles, "we play with adequate amounts" - up to 1,000 rubles. If you didn’t pay attention to the postscripts, you decided that you know better how much to invest - your right, but then you don’t need to write with complaints about the inability to get into your account, no admin will return your large contribution to you. The status of the project due to your blocking will also not change. This will not help you in any way, and you can easily substitute those referrals who turn adequate deposits with this action

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Дата операции: 23 Мар 2023 13:07
ID операции: 1854377500
Тип операции: перевод
Статус: выполнен
Сумма: 14.85 RUB
Payment received $512.50.15 Mar-23-2023 09:39:05 AM
Withdraw to account E021893. Batch is 1541411
Fast withdrawal $1102.30 Mar-23-2023 09:35:14 AM
Withdraw to account E043138. Batch is 1541417
Fast payout again $11.50
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Batch is Withdraw to account TQpM7Xtc4EpkCWuUaRygJseWmPGh*. Batch is 5be2f079b33e049070d273eb61ad0872678269246487fc29f9fff54*
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Дата операции: 23 Мар 2023 12:44
ID операции: 1854363581
Тип операции: перевод
Статус: выполнен
Сумма: 321 RUB
Комментарий: Выплата с проекта AlcoStories
$30.03 Mar-23-2023 09:35:11 AM
Batch is 4a569431fd3be9351b309d094c291cd7ae8c4fe1b5c05c70c478bf6e4***
Withdrawal $511.50 Mar-23-2023 09:37:16 AM
Batch is adcc1d47e6841d66bad11dcb5bc53e1071e14cff04bdba041619579a4**
$106.90 Mar-23-2023 09:41:45 AM
Withdraw to account E001219. Batch is 1541431
super project
Withdraw to account MBjqrDCtf6U23NFBx3eqJGca*. Batch is 1038c1ff6ba6071a41fdadd898ce0e3abba7871fdc3271b949817e1****
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0 Сегодня, 12:36
Excellent Admin, everything is very fast and without any problems, RoyalCasinoFunds LTD most reliable, secure and long term project.!
The amount of 15465$ USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U35149525-U9726274 Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to MAsif from RoyalCasinoFunds LTD Date: 09:51 23.03.23. Batch: 134594295.
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-0.05 BNB
Дата операции: 23 Мар 2023 09:19
ID операции: 1854260778
Тип операции: перевод
Статус: выполнен
Сумма: 107 RUB
Комментарий: Выплата с проекта AlcoStories

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Дата операции: 23 Мар 2023 04:38
ID операции: 1854162465
Тип операции: перевод
Статус: выполнен
Сумма: 117.88 RUB
Комментарий: Выплата с проекта Bitfin Capital
Спасибо за рефбек
Дата операции: 22 Мар 2023 22:32
ID операции: 1854026386
Тип операции: перевод
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Сумма: 3 RUB

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